Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's all gone

I am hyperventilating a little bit today. O.k maybe a lot. I went through my entire wardrobe and got rid of every single item that is to big. A big yellow garbage bag full of clothing went out the door never to be worn by me ever again. I am feeling a little bit panicked about this because of two reasons.

First- I can never put the weight back on. Because if I do I will have to walk around naked, and no one wants to see that.

Second- About this time last year I was pregnant, fat, swollen and miserable. I was putting away some clothes and was very irritated how full my dresser was. At that moment I thought I was going to be fat forever and decided to get rid of all my smaller clothing (size 10- 18) I held on to size 20 and 22

So now I am left with size 20 clothing which is getting very loose and I am kicking myself for throwing away all that smaller stuff. But on the bright side 19 days until I go to Florida and can do a major shopping spree while I am in the states :)

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Campinggirl said...

Congrats on the downsizing!! I love getting rid of clothes that don't fit and it is even more fun shopping for new things.